March 23, 2009

About/Contact: Clyde Smith and This Business of Blogging

I'm launching this blog as a resource for projects related to blogging, both for business and for brand building, which can include personal, commercial and nonprofit blogs.

Contact: clyde(at)fluxresearch(dot)com

Here's one bio, for those that are wondering who the heck Clyde Smith might be:

Bio [to be updated]:

Clyde Smith is a web publisher and professional blogger with a background in the arts and education. His academic background can be explored at Cultural Research.

Clyde's web publishing career began with an alternative culture portal called netweed.

He began blogging in the wild and wooly world of hip hop media at Hip Hop Logic in 2002.  Later he founded ProHipHop: Hip Hop Business News which he sold in 2010.

Along the way he blogged about hip hop business at Blogcritics and was an expert marketing blogger at Fast Company.

Clyde now blogs for and at Flux Research & All World Dance.

Clyde has also helped numerous bloggers get their start, most notably John Dancy-Jones who now blogs at:
Raleigh Nature
Raleigh Rambles


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