April 06, 2009

Nanoblogging w/Flutter: Post-Twitter Mockumentary [+ Adocu]

Flutter: The New Twitter

Via MakingTheMogul.com.

Follow Up:
The thing about this video is that it wasn't contextualized on Moe's blog as humor so I thought it was a real thing at first, though I wondered why the opening guy referred to the term "nanoblogging" as an office joke regarding their supposed product when, in fact, that's exactly what you'd call it.

It wasn't until they got more specific about how the service would automatically shorten tweets and gave examples of the woman getting coffee and then going to the bathroom that I realized it was meant to be humorous.

The thing is, nanoblogging's a great term for services that send out messages with little effort and that is where some of the gps services are going or may have already arrived.

I don't follow gps services but I think I heard of something that basically involves specifying your location and that may take a pinging action which shows up on a map which would be a form of nanoblogging.

I expect this term to take off and, in fact, it's already in use to describe Adocu whose one-word limit does seem kind of like a joke.


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