May 10, 2009

Blogging for Brand Building and Book Deals

Blogs are powerful vehicles for building brands and, once one has a potent brand, all sorts of business possiblities emerge. The following are some examples of bloggers who built strong brands and, in some cases, got book deals as a result.

Gary Vaynerchuk built his high-energy brand through daily video-blogging at Wine Library TV and has built a multifaceted public speaking and consulting business as well as gaining a 10-book, I repeat, 10-book publishing deal.

Gary was recently interviewed by ReadWriteWeb about his growing empire of activities.

If you're like me, you may find Vaynerchuk's example a bit hard to consider as an inspiration unless you slow the story down and start at the beginning. It's just too much success to take in all at once!

Another approach would be to consider dreams that might be a bit more within reach, as does Marci Alboher in this piece in the NY Times. Though Alboher is writing in the days before our current financial collapse, the bloggers she discusses remain timely examples of people who simply began blogging and built brands from there. They then went on to pursue diverse paths that included problogging and blogging for a book contract.

My own experience of problogging at ProHipHop gave me an up close look at how one can build as well as damage one's brand through one's blogging. It also convinced me that blogging to build one's brand can lead to much more enjoyable pursuits than daily blogging for a living though I definitely enjoy blogging daily. It's kind of addictive!


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