October 14, 2011

Mashable: The Backstory

Mashable, Once a One-Man Blog, Gains Clout in Social Media
Jennifer Preston - NY Times

"[Pete] Cashmore...start[ed] Mashable at age 19. Bored by schoolwork, he skipped college and began writing about how people were using technology and the new world of social networking. Because he was fascinated by the way some sites were mashing together maps and data — in particular a combination of Google maps and data from the Chicago Police Department — he named his new blog Mashable."

"Soon the blog was generating $3,000 a month in advertising revenue, allowing him to hire another writer..."

"Mashable, which is privately held, now generates enough revenue from display advertising, custom programs with marketers, event sponsorships and conferences to support an operation of about 40 employees, most of them working from new offices on Park Avenue South...The company has financed its expansion...by steadily increasing revenue and carefully managing expenses. Mr. Cashmore said there were 17 million unique visitors last month, according to Google Analytics."

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