October 17, 2011

MC Siegler, Former TechCrunch Blogger, Explains the Tech Blogging Game

anil dash on blogging

Anil Dash on MC Siegler's Post

MC Siegler, who left TechCrunch to join Michael Arrington at CrunchFund, recently posted about the game of tech blogging, describing it as a numbers game focused on "pageviews, scoops, and Techmeme."

Oddly enough, one commenter I ran across labeled the post a "parody" of tech blogging but, if you pay attention to what tech bloggers have been saying (and complaining) about the business, you know that it's a pretty accurate look at tech blogging today.

Other writers would put it differently but for the top tech blogs making that money, it's a cutthroat race these days as it is in many other sectors of blogging as a business from hip hop blogging to gossip blogs.

Sadly, Siegler's approach to blogging is only satisfying for winners.

Happily, there are a lot of ways one can build and profit from blogging without it having to be a stats game.