October 19, 2011

The Michael Jordan of Tech Blogging & Pals on the Future of Professional Blogging

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Solo Bloggers vs. BlogCorps

In a surprisingly disappointing Roundtable convened by MG Siegler on the Future of Professional Blogging, a group of bloggers famous in the tech world answer the question:

"Is the future of professional blogging more built around successful teams or individuals? Why?"

The question locks the respondents into a false binary resulting in surprisingly dull answers by people who generally seem pretty smart. But that's the nature of binaries. They destroy the interesting complexity of life.

Which makes me wonder, how can one describe a blogger known primarily in the tech world as the Michael Jordan of blogging? Tech blogging, maybe. But Michael Jordan? A world class athlete known far beyond the realm of basketball? Such comparisons really speak to the insular nature of the tech blogging scene.

But it does raise another question:

If MG Siegler is the Michael Jordan of blogging, does that mean his move into the world of venture capital will be like Michael Jordan playing baseball?

In any case, check out the Roundtable for yourself. If you haven't grown weary of the insular world of tech blogging, you might find something in there that interests you.

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