November 03, 2011

Upcoming: Getting Started with Blogging Basics

I hadn't planned on including really basic tips on this blog because there are already so many great resources available for that kind of thing.  My current How To's & Tips section is focused primarily on blogging as a business but not so much on getting started with blogging.

Problogger has all sorts of great stuff for beginners, much of which is now written by guest bloggers.  Checking out what they're doing on their blogs is also a useful way to get some insight.

But I've just started helping out a friend who needs a website for her business and wants to try blogging.  So I'm going to launch a Getting Started section on this site to discuss each element of getting started from niches and domains to finding wider distribution for one's posts.

If you have any topics you wish me to cover related to basics or anything else on the business of blogging, please be in touch: